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[Translate to English:] Wintersport und Winterfreuden

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Well then, with de Brattle and de Stackn *! * This means skis (boards) and ski poles, the two objects are also immortalized in a song, the Schihasl march. The black water pearls Bernsbach on YouTube provide a sample.

What is possible in winter - just let it work for you:

Winter Sachsen-Erzgebirge

Winterland Sachsen

Ski lift and cross-country trails in the municipality of Sehmatal

White splendor all around. It blows, blows and conjures up red faces -the winter weather. Things are a little quieter here than in Oberwiesenthal. The ski slope in the Neudorf district is a real insider tip for families who want to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the large facilities.



Well then, with de Brattle and de Stackn *! * This means skis (boards) and ski poles, the two objects are also immortalized in a song, the Schihasl march. You can find the trail maps here.


Was im Winter alles möglich ist – einfach mal auf sich wirken lassen:

Winter Sachsen-Erzgebirge

Winterland Sachsen

Ski lifts and cross-country trails all around the municipality

For us, that would go beyond the scope of listing all large and small, so in a nutshell only our immediate neighbors - also on the Czech side.

All ski areas on the website of the Erzgebirge Tourism Association

Ski area on the Fichtelberg at fichtelberg-ski.de

Ski area on the Fichtelberg at Erzgebirge-tourismus.de

Skiing in Annaberg-Buchholz

Skiing in Jöhstadt


Alle Skigebiete auf der Seite des Tourismusverbandes Erzgebirge e.V

Skigebiet am Fichtelberg unter fichtelberg-ski.de

Skigebiet am Fichtelberg unter erzgebirge-tourismus.de

Skifahren in Annaberg-Buchholz 

Skifahren in Jöhstadt

Natur & Aktivität

Handmade skis and snowboards from the Sehmatal

Rumpel di Pumpel, the buddy was gone -and the skis are stillbrokein the middle? Don't worry, the mushroom productions team will provide you with handmade skis and snowboards deluxe! The Free State of Saxony has also recognized that these are good, because it awarded its state prize for design in 201

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Ice skating

Large halls for year-round ice skating are only a little further away. In Chemnitz, for example (Kati Witt even trained there). With us you can only swing your runners in winter. Or rub bruises with pain ointment if the triple Axel just didn't want to.

Depending on the season, you will find the following areas for ice skating:

And even more ideas in the snow

If skiing and tobogganing are not enough in winter, you will find further suggestions here:


Zur Seite des Erzgebirge-Tourismus

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[Translate to English:] Weitere Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten

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