water fun

our dam in the OT Cranzahl

our dam in the OT Cranzahl

It is a drinking water dam and therefore cannot be used for swimming, fishing or boating. Immersing feet is also not possible. However, an idyllic path leads around it, which is 3.5 km long and hardly climbs. The views of the jammed water from the path sometimes come unexpectedly


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swim an splash around

Swim and splash aroundIf you plan a day in the water, our outdoor pool is at your disposal in summer, where free WiFi also allows you to surf the large sunbathing areas. Every year the ass bomb competition takes place in the large swimmer pool with a tube slide and a jumping facility. The small separate children's pool is currently undergoing a general overhaul and will probably also be swarmed by the grownups afterwards. On the children's playground, playing volleyball and basketball, tennis or table tennis, you can have a great romp and work out. If that's not enough, you can borrow sports and play equipment. The snack will then fill up the empty batteries again. Opening times and prices can be viewed here. In winter, bathing and sauna enthusiasts will find other swimming and sauna options in the area. We have the most important ones for you here:

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Treading water like Kneipp

If you feel like sticking your toes in the water while hiking, feel free to do so in our water treading pool in the forest on the meadow path. The path along the tourist train runs a few meters away, and it warms up again.


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Indoor pools and saunas in the area

In winter, bathing and sauna enthusiasts will find other swimming and sauna options in the area. We have the most important ones for you here:


Swimming pool Atlantis in Annaberg-B.

Greifensteine leisure pool in Geyer

Aquamarines in Marienberg

Spa in the Elldusresort Oberwiesenthal

Eibenstock bathing gardens

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The Sehma -our connecting river

If the Sehma flows into the Zschopau below Annaberg-Buchholz near Wiesa (a district of Thermalbad Wiesenbad), it can also tell a few stories. Her birthplace as White Sehma is a source on the Fichtelberg. Shortly before the district of Neudorf, she picks up the Rote Sehma and then ripples along her valley through the other districts. If you're lucky, you can sometimes spot a black stork in their waters, and gray herons are also there. Mallards anyway. Since the main street was laid out parallel to it, you can't see so much of it from the car. You should take your time in each district, walk a bit and discover the Sehma for yourself. Many bridges lead from one side to the other. One of the most beautiful bridges is the Brusel Bridge. It can be found in the Neudorf district. When the Sehma has left the community, it flows northwards and separates Annaberg from Buchholz. Then on to the Annaberg district of Frohnau. There she drives the water wheel of the Frohnauer hammer. From here it is not far to the confluence with the Zschopau, which in turn flows into the Freiberger Mulde, which in turn flows into the Elbe with the Zwickauer Mulde as the Federated Mulde and it is known to end in the North Sea. If you have relatives there, you could also send us messages in a bottle.


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Other sports and leisure activities

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