The proud mountain towns of the Ore Mountains

A grown city or a newly founded city complex due to valuable ore finds, the history of the cities with us is as rich as some of the old veins. Discover!


A grown city or a newly founded city complex due to valuable ore finds, the history of the cities with us is as rich as some of the old veins. Discover!

From our point of view just around the corner. The sister city Annaberg-Buchholz is famous for the St. Annenkirche, for Adam Ries, for the history of its origin, for mining, for the mountain church with the Krippenweg, for the fairy tale film festival fabulix, for the bobbin lace and carver days, for Barbara Uthmann, for the potter's days, for the wonderful city layout, for Carl-Friedrich Claus, for the Frohnauer Hammer, for the Markus-Röhling-Stollen, for the Winterstein-Theater, for Arthur Schramm, the Kät, for the manufacture of dreams ... It is almost impossible to stop here. Just watch it!

How, you're still wondering who Arthur Schramm was? His nickname was the "Kleene Getu", an Annaberg original with poetry. Hence the Annaberger saying “Goethe, Schiller, Arthur Schramm are the best we have”. His sayings are unforgettable for everyone who grew up here. A taste: There is a stovepipe in the forest, imagine the heat. Or the sun shines into the basement. Oh, leave it, oh, leave it!


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City fires have been an issue in every city since the Middle Ages. In 1719 it hit Schneeberg, the city on the 470 m high mountain of the same name. Burned over a large area, but rich in mining, the area of the city center was rebuilt in stone more beautiful than ever. The widely visible and famous Wolfgangkirche was spared and crowns the baroque inner city ensemble. Not only can you make contact with the sky here, but also in the planetarium. Different visitor mines tend to lead in the other direction. If you don't care, you can quickly disappear into the jungle. miniKrabbelZoo is the keyword. Just find out!



It is not the dog that is buried in Schwarzenberg, but a dragon. Yes, a dragon! The holy knight Georg, who is involved with the dragon on the city coat of arms, killed the same here. The pearl of the Ore Mountains, with which the city advertises, also has a Perla Castrum - the Schwarzenberg castle high up on the rock spur above the Black Water. You can walk up there to visit the great old town or take the inclined elevator. The Schwarzenberg Edelweiß and Altstadtfest is regionally famous and shows the fight of Georg against dragons. The Schwarzenberg Christmas market even has its own song.


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Renaissance and rich silver finds - what comes out of it? Right, a city foundation. But not just any, but an ideal typical plant of that time. And also the earliest of this epoch north of the Alps. The Erzgebirge and their electors have always been promising. The Marienkirche is just as lined up as the other old town buildings. The large Aqua Marien water park is more recent.




It all started with silver finds. The city came into being and attracted many people due to the mountain shouting around 1168. They stayed, developed the mining and metallurgy further here and founded the mining academy in 1765. She has graduates who have become famous. One of them is Alexander Humboldt, whose 250th birthday was celebrated here with a big conundrum together with the handover of the world heritage certificate on September 14, 2019.


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