In the autumn

If Erzgebirge should choose a favorite season, autumn should be very far ahead. What's not going on, what can't you do there? Winter is approaching, cold nights alternate with warm days. The right time for excursions to the tourist highlights. If you still have your backpack laced up, you can experience the autumn colors of the forest around the Cranzahl dam on Schuster's black horse. Or you can visit the spit devil on Wiesenweg.


Autumn festival of the show workshop "Zum Weihrichkarzl" in the district of Neudorf in September

Every autumn, the show workshop organizes an autumn festival. Or also called Harbstfast in the mountains. Here you can experience fine, selected handicrafts. The Dreiseithof presents itself as cozy and original. And of course there is a little bit of food and drink. An excursion for the whole family, because the children don't miss out either.


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Fichtelberglauf in October

It has been around since 1987: the toughest mountain run in Saxony, the Fichtelberg run. He challenges his runners with a length of 9.1 kilometers and 550 meters to overcome. Every year in October in Sehmatal-Neudorf, the goal is to reach the 1214 meter high Fichtelberg.

A little foretaste at Youtube.

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Craft Day in October

Every year on the 3rd weekend in October, over 120 workshops and factories in the Ore Mountains open their doors and gates to curious visitors. The craftsmen show their skills and you can try them out. Something like this is only available in the Ore Mountains. Here in the municipality of Sehmatal, the company Huss (show workshop "Zum Weihrichkarzl"), the carpentry Frei and the Drechsler meat & sausage specialties are also at the start.


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Fun fair in Suppenland Neudorf in October with soup king and soup pot master

When October comes, it's fairground in the Sehmatal. We are always late compared to other places, but the fun fair in the Neudorf district is something very special. There are fewer cakes and much more soup here! And a lot more around the soup - we have soup fair. Never heard? It only exists here. The wooden spoons are swung vigorously again, the biceps are challenged and the laugh muscles are strained (quote HP soup museum) at the soup cooking competition and the soup pot pulling. If you want to taste, you are welcome! The Young Community of ev.-luth is working on the latest news from the location. Church from the OT Neudorf in a fairytale game, which is presented after the championships and is another highlight of the festival.


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Guiding appointments for the Stoneman Miriquidi MTB - tours in autumn with Roland Stauder

Roland Stauder personally, MTB professional and inventor of the Stoneman tours, accompanies various guiding tours. These dates are set every year and can be queried under the link. Get on your bike and be there! At the beginning of November, the weather will put an end to the year.


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